Photographic Knitting Club

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Conversation with Curator 

 ︎ Tutorial 

Photographic Knitting Club” is a series of participatory workshops that introduce participants to the photographic practice of photogrammetry. Developed as a scientific method for obtaining measurements from a series of images to remotely survey land in the nineteenth century, photogrammetry today has many applications, from 3D animation to forensics and state-sponsored surveillance. Photographic Knitting Club reflects on these applications of digital tools, while centering our attention on the domestic space, a site increasingly exposed to corporate surveillance and data extraction.

In the workshops, participants engaged in practices that reframe these imaging and quantification tools as digital crafts and connect data visualization with embodied experience. I led a series of exercises that explore the mechanics of photogrammetry, the material practices of photographic production, and the tactility associated with inhabiting our most familiar spaces. After processing and anonymizing the visual information shared by the participants, I perform handicraft on this data as a way of experimenting with new modes of seeing within 3D software. Inverting the association between photogrammetry and instrumentalist extraction of data, the artifacts fabricated for this piece instead allow us to reimagine and make strange the spaces we inhabit and the intimate objects with which we share them.

Types of Non-Contact 3D Scanning Methods

Post 3D Scan

There are many places you can host your model. We will talk about (1) Sketchfab and (2)AR Spark here.
(1) Sketchfab
You can upload data straight from Metashape or SKANECT using an API key.

You can also upload your data from the webpage.

3D settings

VR mode

Add sound and annotation

You can also download other people’s scans as your assets.

Under Filters click on Downloadable to filter the results. Other places to download models are CGTraders and TurboSquid.

(2) AR Spark
Display 3D Scans with Augmented Reality

More Tutorials on Spark AR.
(3) Unity
You can also drag your 3D models into a 3D game engine, and the process is relatably straight forward. Here is a tutorial on how to import models and textures into Unity.

Unity also has a good selection of tutorials.

︎I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

If you have any feedback or would like to contribute, feel free to contact me at yurosalie_at_gmail_dot_com.