Photographic Knitting Club

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︎Exhibition 09 2021
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Photographic Knitting Club” is a series of participatory workshops that introduce participants to the photographic practice of photogrammetry. Developed as a scientific method for obtaining measurements from a series of images to remotely survey land in the nineteenth century, photogrammetry today has many applications, from 3D animation to forensics and state-sponsored surveillance. Photographic Knitting Club reflects on these applications of digital tools, while centering our attention on the domestic space, a site increasingly exposed to corporate surveillance and data extraction.

In the workshops, participants engaged in practices that reframe these imaging and quantification tools as digital crafts and connect data visualization with embodied experience. I led a series of exercises that explore the mechanics of photogrammetry, the material practices of photographic production, and the tactility associated with inhabiting our most familiar spaces. After processing and anonymizing the visual information shared by the participants, I perform handicraft on this data as a way of experimenting with new modes of seeing within 3D software. Inverting the association between photogrammetry and instrumentalist extraction of data, the artifacts fabricated for this piece instead allow us to reimagine and make strange the spaces we inhabit and the intimate objects with which we share them.

Workshop No. 012

Conducted virtually.

Joined by artists from Taiwan where social distancing is enforced. The artists included artist Sean Wang and Ta Wei Huang.
Ta Wei Huang
Instruction no.01: “Sunrise”
- Draw where the sun rises every morning
- According to the sun, find the north-west corner of your apartment.
- From that corner, facing south, take photos while walking clockwise.
- Take about 200 photos.
Instruction no.02: “Sonar”
- First, imagine you are a sound wave bouncing back and forth in your room.
- Then, starting from the same north-west corner as in Step 1, walk toward the opposite corner of the room.
- For each small step you take, take one photo.
- Walk 100 steps for 100 photos total.
Instruction no.03: “Wu Xing”
- Identify and draw five items in your room, each representing Wu Xing (five phases): Water, Wood, Fire, Soil, Gold. 
- Go to the Water object, walk around it and take photos from every angle. About 20 photos.
- Once finished, slowly walk toward the direction of the Fire object. For each step you move forward, take one photo.
- Once you arrived at the Fire object, capture the Fire object like we did with the Water object.
- Repeat the above until all five objects are captured.

Sean Wang
Instruction no.01: “Sunrise”
Instruction no.02: “Sonar”
Instruction no.03: “Wu Xing”

Walk “sonar” with Wang, in Ta Wei’s home.